• congrats

    This service is used to send sms via internet and do not require any mobile phone or modem at your end and sms reaches in no time.

  • grid-system

    This service is used to receive sms on internet to receive leads from clients,run contest,take feedback etc.We offer services on both Long Code (9611111111) and Short Code(56677,56161,56767)

  • grid-system

    Our software allows you to send sms to your clients by connecting modem or phone to your computer.With our software you can 

  • grid-system

    Reach your Customer With Latest & Innovative Way

  • grid-system

    Our speciailised Facebook Manager manages your page so that your customer are updated about your product.The most innovate Way to Promote your product


Our Services

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  • responsive

    Trusted Old Sms Company

    All sms delivered on commited time with failure rate of less 1% in last 7 Years

  • letters

    Connectivity with 5 Operators

    Connectivity with leading operators for Instant Delivery

  • shortcodes

    Template & White List Based System

    Solution for corporate and individual client to promote there business

  • html5-css3

    Dedicataed Manager

    Singe point of contact for all services.Better management


  • background

    Marketing Sms Service

    Deliver sms to target customers at click of button

  • widgets

    Sms Short Code & Long Code Service

    Recieve sms from anyone anywhere in the world.fast Updation

  • page-templates


    Api based system to integrate sms service with your existing software

  • localization

    Local Sms Support

    Send sms in your Local Language