Custom Video Solutions

Sms Solution are leader in social media management.Social media has given birth to new trends and to reach target customer we need to have more intreactive approach.

To solve the problem of our customer,we have now introduces services of Video.We offer customised solution to our client as per there requirement..We offer 4 step mythology for video production

Step 1 - Script Writing

A powerful script has the ability to capture (long lasting) attention. A good video company has qualified writers that are more than capable of coming up with a story that can fit their client’s business perfectly.

Step 2 – Storyboard and Design

As soon as a suitable script has been finalized, the animators get to work creating a storyboard around it. This is where whiteboard animation comes into play. Taking their inspiration from the completed script animators create eye catching images and place them in motion on screen. The process can take as little as 2 weeks and as long as 4 weeks depending on the scope of the business and/or complexity of the message.

Step 3 – Voice Recording

After the animation is done, the company will assign appropriate voice actors to ‘breathe life’ into them through their vocals. Many people like recording their own voices, but for top quality, it’s better to hire professionals.

Step 4 – Final Video Production

After the script has been recorded successfully, the final production is set in motion. This is the part where the animator records the layout as it is drawn. The completed product is sent over to the video production crew that put all of the pieces together to create the final video.

Few of videos Created by us are below


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