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SMS Solutions helps you to send voice sms in your own voice (or any pre-recorded audio message, including music). You can make calls in bulk to your target customer at click of button. You just need to upload list of number you want to send message and upload your Voice file in mp3 or wav format. Click on send button and all call would be delivered. In case person does not picks up the call or is switched off, you can set an option so that our system call him back upto 4 times after specific interval. We charge only for calls picked up by user. In case user does not picks up the call we do not charge anything.


  • Would these call delivered to DND Number :  No
  • Can I send after 9PM : No
  • Will I be charged for Unanswered Call : No
  • Any set up charges/hidden charges : No
  • Format in which Files to be upload : wav or mp3
  • Delivery time : Immediate
  • How much duration you charge : We charge 1 call each of 30 second.
We also offer missed call service for just Rs.8000 per anum.This can be used for lead generation.



Voice Sms Service  
SMS Quantity COST per sms in paisa Cost per sms in paisa inclusive tax Total Cost in Rs Total Cost inclusive tax in Rs  
5000 50 57.5 2500 2950
10000 40 46 4000 4720
20000 35 40.25 7000 8260
50000 32 36.8 16000 18,800
1,00,000 30 34.5 30000 35,400
5,00,000 28 32.2 1,40,000 1,65,200
10,00,000 25 28.75 2,50,000 2,95,000

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